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Daily Gratitude Journal with morning and evening prompts focused on gratitude, positive affirmations, goals, strengths, and successes. Using this gratitude journal daily will help you to change your mindset, which ultimately will then change the way you see your life! "What you focus on, grows". As you focus on gratitude you will begin to identify very clearly the Remarkable gifts and talents you have been blessed with, and you will SEE and EXPERIENCE more Remarkable in your daily life!

Teaching our children the POWER of Gratitude might be one of the most important lessons we can teach! This daily gratitude journal combines the power of gratitude as well as positive affirmations, a real power duo! Our kids are bombarded with comparison, high expectations, and overwhelm on the daily. This journal helps them to focus on what they DO have, while also creating space to affirm what they want out of life. Each day has a different activity page that offers a fun and creative way of thinking outside the box, and coming up with even more examples of gratitude and positivity in their lives! This journal truly is a GAME CHANGER in the way we parent and lead our children in finding their unique Remarkable gifts and talents!

Looking for the most Remarkable you can get? This bundle includes the Remarkable NOW Journal, the Focus on Gratitude Mini Journal, and a set of four Remarkable Affirmation Cards (ready to stick around your home to remind you at all times of the Remarkable in your life).

Our super soft "What You Focus On, Grows" T-Shirt is the PERFECT reminder to keep your focus on what you want to see more of in your life! Wear it, read it, believe it!

This amazing blush, super-soft, T-Shirt has the "Remarkable" logo on the front with #gratitudeambassador proudly displayed on the back! Super cute T-shirt promoting gratitude and your Remarkable! Join the #gratitudeambassador revolution and wear it proudly! ;)

Smaller gratitude journal with blank pages inside, perfect for taking with you in your purse to record thoughts and feelings of gratitude right when they come to you! This is also the perfect journal for kids who aren't ready to follow the prompts of the bigger journal, but want to focus on gratitude!

Set of four positive affirmation cards, ready to stick around your house to be a consistent reminder of your Remarkable! Positive affirmations have the ability to change our mindset and focus to the positive! "What you focus on, grows"! These cards will remind you to find gratitude and the Remarkable all around you!

Looking to have a Gratitude Journal for both you and your kids? Here is a bundle that combines one Adult Gratitude Journal (Remarkable NOW) with two Children's Journals (Remarkable ME), AND a set of AFFIRMATION cards at an EXTRA added savings! This is a great way to purchase gifts for others as well as save money on the journals and positive affirmation cards for your own family!  

*You have the option of picking Navy Blue or White for the Remarkable NOW Journal.

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