from the obsessive thoughts around food, dieting, exercise, body size, and self worth? What if there was a way to live every day with zero thoughts surrounding food and body? A life full of love and appreciation for yourself, using all the energy that used to go towards disordered eating and putting all that energy into creating the life of your dreams. A life you have only dreamed of. What if permanent recovery from disordered eating wasn't just possible, but was closer and more attainable than you could imagine?  


find actual freedom


every thought, every disappointment, every fear, every overwhelm, every single emotion and fear surrounding food and body. I have experienced it all. 
After 16 years of struggling with an eating disorder, I was sure I would never recover. I had tried EVERYTHING, and I wanted to recover more than anything. but I felt damaged, unfixable, alone and broken beyond repair. I couldn't understand why others could recover, but nothing worked on me. It wasn't something I could openly talk about with friends and family, which made me feel even more alone and like I was living a lie. If anyone understands what you're feeling, it's me. 16 years, 6 children, and at the end of my rope.

does this sound like you?

I have been where you are right now… 




Have you ever felt this way?


You feel that you will never be able to recover from disordered eating. You have tried everything and feel consigned to living life in this prison of food and body forever.

You feel alone and like nobody understands...even your therapists. You have no one to talk to about your struggles and are sure you're the only one who has these issues.

You have tried therapy, recovery programs, maybe even in-patient programs and are still left with the constant obsessive thoughts controlling your life. You feel so out of control, like your disorder is running your life for you and ruining everything.

You are tired, worn out, completely drained. You have nothing left to give.

Most therapists and programs focus on the disorder, the actions, the fact that you need to be "FIXED"...and that always made me feel broken, so alone, and ultimately left me feeling worthless.
You are NOT are HUMAN, and the beautiful thing of being human is that YOU are in control of your mind and body and can use these incredible tools to create the EXACT outcomes you desire. You can pray as much as possible, go to therapy again and again, try to beat your "will" into submission...but until you learn the tools I have to reset and reprogram your unique computer system (your brain), you will never truly recover. Change is possible.

I have good news...

it IS possible to overcome disordered eating FOREVER, and there is a way to find true freedom from this disorder.

After recovering from my 16 year long battle with disordered eating, I started using these same tools that had helped me recover with clients who had tried everything also. My experience gave me a unique perspective and understanding, and because I could relate to every single aspect of this disorder, I have been able to help many clients recover from their disordered eating for good. God has blessed me with the tools that saved my life, and those same tools have allowed me to have an incredible success rate with my clients. I have helped clients from ages 15-45. Clients that have been in and out of treatment centers and tried everything just like myself.

For years, I have wanted to extend my reach to help as many women and girls as possible. I can only work with so many clients one on one, and after requests to start an online program, I am so excited to announce the launch of my first Remarkable NOW Online Group Coaching Program. The first online coaching program for disordered eating of its kind. 

it's finally here!

online group coaching now available!

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There is healing and hope in a group of women who struggle similarly to you. Where there is understanding, where there is vulnerability, there is opportunity to heal and change. Your experiences will benefit everyone else in the group, and many of you will find you relate to each other's stories. Where you once felt alone, you will find friends who understand you in a very real way. You will see that there are others who feel exactly like you and your experiences will unite you.

Why group coaching?

You might feel hesitant to join a group program, but there are many benefits to this experience.

Are you ready for...

Permanent recovery from disordered eating?
A sense of peace and love surrounding food and body?
A chance to literally create the life you've only wished was possible?
Love and acceptance for this Remarkable life you have been given?










What will you get out of this program?


Mastering your Mindset

SIT Technique

The SCIENCE of overcoming your disordered eating FOREVER.

Abundance mentality regarding food and body.

Bridging the disconnect between mind and body and learning how to communicate between the two.

Processing emotions and using them as guidance in your life.

How to reset and program your unique computer system...YOUR BRAIN. 

A knowledge and understanding that you are not alone in this disorder, and that this disorder is temporary and does not define you.

The key reason you keep losing control and feel you have no "will power."

How to apply these recovery tools in every single area of your life and use your Remarkable strengths to achieve success.

All the tools that helped me and many of my clients recover from disordered eating for good

Laura is an amazing help to anyone struggling with their relationship with food. From her own experience, she can not only teach skills that can truly help you, but she also can relate to you as well. Meeting with her helped me progress a lot quicker than I was as she showed me ways to live a recovery centered life. Her own story is inspiring and she has truly touched my life and helped me in my own path to recovery by showing me ways to mend my broken relationship with food. She is an amazing woman whose intentions are to truly help those around her.


Laura has been helping my daughter with her eating disorder. After trying different therapies and treatments for over a year, we were referred to Laura. She has been amazing in supporting and guiding my daughter in her trials and struggles with her eating disorder. Laura has extensive knowledge and experience that has helped my daughter with her relationship with food, body image, and coping skills. She has given my daughter insight, encouragement, and education so she can continue on her path of recovery and live a full life. 

Working with Laura is an experience my daughter will never forget. While my daughter faced the hardest struggle on her life, Laura constantly offered her sincere love, compassion, and understanding which gave my daughter so much strength to do the hard things she needed to. Laura taught my daughter so many skills and strategies that will help her be successful not only in recovery but throughout her life. As a mother, I felt helpless and alone in my daughters disorder, but Laura was a friend to me and had the same desires I had for my daughter and knew exactly how to get her there. One of the greatest things Laura taught my daughter was to love herself and her body. We will always be grateful for Laura’s wise understanding and experience that changed my daughters life. We would definitely work with her again.

When my daughter started working with Laura, I was nervous that nothing was ever going to work. We had tried everything, and the treatment facility we had sent our daughter to had saved her life, but done nothing for her recovery. The first meeting with Laura, my daughter progressed more than she had in a year and a half. Laura could understand everything my daughter was going through, and was so empathetic and encouraging. Her belief that my daughter would recover was contagious and gave us all the hope we needed. I would have paid triple what Laura charged for the life changing tools she gave my daughter.  

As a mom to young kids, spending so much mental energy on my body and food was exhausting. I was done. I worried I would never be free of the constant mental chatter and that my kids would never have a “normal mom.” (She helped me see there is no such thing lol) Laura’s tools have been life changing for me. I cannot believe the difference they have made in my life, in so many ways, not just with my disordered eating. Laura taught me that my mind is an incredible and powerful tool, and that I am capable of anything in my life. Laura’s own personal experiences really helped me to see that change was possible and even beautiful. I will be forever grateful for the way Laura so lovingly guided me to recovery and a new life.  

When I found Laura, I was also in a treatment center for an opioid addiction that had come from my eating disorder. I thought I had finally found the answer to my eating disorder when I found prescription drugs. I had struggled with an eating disorder my entire life, and at the age of 45 had been in two treatment facilities and still hadn’t recovered. I would find freedom when under control of the treatment facility, but as soon as I came back to my regular life, I relapsed to my disorder. Laura was brought on to help me during my stay at the recovery home, and her tools finally showed me that I was capable of recovery (from both addictions) and that I wasn’t broken and worthless. She gave me so much more than tools to recover…she gave me the belief that I was worthy and beautiful and had special gifts and strengths I could use to conquer this life long battle. She also helped me to see that my body had always been taking care of me, and that I could be a wonderful mom and wife even though I struggled with this disorder. I could have never imagined my life free of my eating disorder, and I will forever be grateful to Laura for sharing these life changing tools with me.

All of the growth and self love I developed while working with Laura has both changed my life and saved my life in more ways than I can count. During the darkest time in my life, I was young, I felt alone, insecure, out of control, and misunderstood. Laura helped me to learn to have compassion and love for myself, to find healthy ways to cope with my changing mind and the world around me, and most importantly made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Laura understood exactly what I was experiencing, and always made my health and happiness a priority. She genuinely cared for me and wanted to see me thrive and to grow into a capable and healthy woman. While other coaches, therapists, and doctors I have met with don’t understand the complexity of eating disorders, Laura does. She helped me overcome fears I never thought I’d overcome. I’m heading off to college now with lots of freedom and independence. I wouldn’t have been able to make this big step in life without the skills Laura taught me. I am forever thankful to Laura and for the new perspective she helped me to gain on myself and my life. 

12 Week Group Coaching Program
1:1 Hour Coaching Call 
Remarkable NOW Gratitude Journal
Weekly Group Coaching including added Q&A
8 Lessons (8 weekly modules and Q&A) with 4 Weeks of weekly client application and Q&A
Optional Retreat after the first 7 lessons for in-person application and group therapy - October 22-24 in St. George, Utah. Housing and food included.

what is included?

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It's TIME to truly INVEST in YOU. 

If you're willing to trust and let me guide you through these tools, you WILL find freedom...forever.

thank you!