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We are so excited to have you join our team as a Gratitude Ambassador! We want to share the POWER of GRATITUDE with as many people as possible, and we are so grateful for your influence and voice in sharing this life changing tool! As a Gratitude Ambassador with Remarkable NOW, you will receive a personal coupon code to share with your followers through our Affiliate Program. Your unique coupon code that you will set up on our Affiliatly Website, will be valid for 10% off of all journals and products in our Remarkable NOW Shopify Shop. Once you share with your customer base, Remarkable NOW will pay you 20% of sales using your unique coupon code. You will set up payment through our affiliate program, and commissions will be paid every two weeks. We really want to thank you for taking the time to share these tools with your valued customers and help spread the message that Gratitude is truly a powerful force for GOOD!  

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Ready to JOIN?

PROGRAM UPDATES: Technology isn’t perfect. When dealing with software and third parties, sometimes there are situations out of our control. If there are any current issues with the portal, bugs you’re experiencing, etc, check here first to see the current status! We will update this page as new information becomes available.

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How do I get paid?
You will set up a payment option when you sign up as with our affiliate program. It will link through our affiliate program and automatically pay you when a commission is due.

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How often do you get paid?
We will send payment twice a month on all commissions earned during that time.

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What affiliate program do you use?
We use Affiliatly as our affiliate program. Go to Affiliatly to learn more and click HERE to sign up with Remarkable NOW.

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How does it work?
It's so easy to become a Gratitude Ambassador! Click HERE to sign up and start making money as you share how Gratitude has helped YOU!

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