My story

Hi there! I am so glad you have found your way to my site... 

and I hope you can find the tools here to find the Remarkable in yourself NOW...not waiting until you are the perfect size, have the perfect life, or have achieved the perfect goals. You are Remarkable NOW!   

I began my recovery from a 16 year long battle with an eating disorder. My eating disorder began while in college and continued through having six of my seven children, finally recovering after my sixth baby was born. I met with many therapists and worked so hard to recover, but it wasn't until I found the POWER of Gratitude in my life and began to find the Remarkable in myself, that I was finally able to truly recover from the prison that I was living in. I simply began my journey of recovery with five things I was grateful for every morning and every evening...and that simple practice radically changed my life FOREVER. 

Seven years ago,

After two years of recovery and finding some specific and powerful tools that helped me find my Remarkable, I started coaching women and young women in their journey of disordered eating recovery. I would email my clients morning and evening pages with these tools, and after a lot of success in helping these clients recover, my husband had my daily pages printed into a Gratitude Journal called Remarkable NOW...and my journal business was born. I am so passionate about spreading this message of the POWER of Gratitude. It's FREE, it's simple, and yet it can completely change your life and the lives of your children as you implement it into your daily life. 

I am currently coaching a few clients as I create my online disordered eating recovery program and preparing to launch it by the end of the year. My goal is to spread the message that all of us have struggles in our lives, but none of us are too broken to heal and to find true peace through the power of Gratitude. Gratitude is a healing, transforming, life changing power that is available to ALL. I hope you will find a message of love and hope here, and that you can join me in becoming a Gratitude Ambassador!


Laura Solorzano
Remarkable NOW 

thank you!